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Rent a house of PeelrandWonen

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This brochure informs you briefly about how we offer our rental properties. We manage and rent 600 houses of all types and price ranges in Boekel and Venhorst.


To be eligible for a rental of PeelrandWonen, a subscription is necessary. For registration there are a number of conditions.

The person who wishes to enroll:

You can subscribe preferrable through our registration form. Registration will start as soon as the fully completed registration form is submitted to us (digital or in paper) and the registration of € 25.00, is paid in full.
The registration form can be returned during our opening hours: from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00, noon by appointment. Friday afternoon we are closed.

Entry Points:

From the date that the registration is paid, the registration points are awarded. Entry points are given for:

Property Offer:

We advertise our vacant homes on our website and in the "Weekblad Boekel & Venhorst". This paper distributes from house to house on Wednesday for the inhabitants of the municipality Boekel. Preferrable you react via our website. A second possibility is te respond to the advertised property via a response note on the bottom of the ad. This voucher can be returned to us within the time period specified on the voucher. 

Housing allocation:

The advertised houses are allocated according to established guidelines. At the allocation we will look at the following conditions:


Een woning huren bij PeelrandWonen Boekel

Note: Changes to conditions housing allocation

We ask to add your response note a copy of your income statement a form "Verklaring geregistreerd inkomen" from the Belastingdienst. Also you need a income statement from your partner or any co-occupant (except in-living children).

Shortage of waiting time:

This privilege can be granted in exceptional cases. Request for a shorter waiting list can only be requested in writing to us.

Specific housing:

Specific types of housing, of course, apply only to the target group. Examples are seniors (minimum 55 years) with an indication for sheltered accommodation, or home care and young people with mental and/or physical disabilities.

Government commitment:

The government can force PeelrandWonen (in search of an accommodation) to offer a house.This category includes people from shelters and refugees from asylums. Housing for these groups will not be advertised.

Home exchange:

A request for housing exchange may be submitted in writing. Here, the appropriate criteria are tested. The concerning houses must be under management from PeelrandWonen.

Refusal of a home:

In case you apply to a house of your choice, and you refuse a suitable home without good reason, you get 10 penalties. These are credited after 10 months. In a second refusal, your subscription expires.

The expiration of your subscription:

In the following cases, your subscription will expire:


If you disagree with an allocation, or the number of registration points awarded or penalties, you can submit your views to us in writing. You will receive a written response from our director.When you don’t agree with the decision of the director you may appeal to the Regional Arbitration Board. This Regional Arbitration Board gives a binding recommendation after the parties have been heard. The entire procedure can be found extensively on our website.


Rutger van Herpen Street 35
5427 AD Boekel
PO Box 14
5427 ZG Boekel
telephone 0492 32 44 05

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